Public Art Project Launches at the Pawtucket Arts Festival!

Announcing:  A series of temporary murals installed along the waterfront and Armory neighborhoods of Pawtucket, Rhode Island this September, designed to engage curiosity and cross-generational conversation around stories that make up the city's rich creative culture.  

Inspired by research in the Betty Johnson Collection at Pawtucket Public Library and at the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, several of my paper murals - incorporating historic textures and illustrative detail, will offer spectators chance encounters with fascinating characters of Pawtucket lore.  At other sites, these installations will shift focus, from past to present-day narratives; with open-ended characters that invite all members of the extended Blackstone Valley community to share their own stories and explore ways in which we all actively contribute to the creation of cultural legacy.

A Providence-based illustrator, street artist, storyteller, researcher, and educator - I am thrilled to be presenting work to the city of Pawtucket for the first time and for the very special opportunity to get to know some of its residents past and present a little better this year.  I hope this project will welcome all audiences at the Pawtucket Arts Festival: to play, be curious and connect!


Photo credit: Erin X. Smithers