In 2016, I had the opportunity to create a multi-site installation for PVDFest.  Thanks to the generous support of Providence Art, Culture + Tourism, my characters stepped out of their illustrated worlds and into the city streets. 

For the duration of the 4-day international arts celebration, life-size paper figures seemed to perform and mill about alongside other attractions and festival-goers.  Pieces included 5' tall "micro-murals" - of ballerina horses, acrobatic birds, dapper ducks and swaggering alligators; and a 15' x 15' mural depicting a theater audience of beau monde animals.  The work playfully engaged spectators along the event footprint and invited them to consider their dynamic relationships with the visual art, performances, and architecture of the festival.

Installed using biodegradable wheat paste, these pieces were temporary by design.

Photography by Erin X. Smithers.