Keri King is a cross-disciplinary artist, based in Providence, RI. She received her BFA in Illustration with a Concentration in Creative Writing from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. Upon graduation, Keri founded an experimental theater arts project. A joyfully irreverent feathers and sequins donning dance troop, the Danger! Danger! Birds performed musical vignettes and comedic skits that harkened back to turn of the century traditions of vaudeville and burlesque.  

Today, Keri’s creative practice incorporates illustration, public art, storytelling and the occasional foray into performance. In 2016, Keri self-published her first narrative picture book, Spectacles & Spectators and was awarded a grant from Providence Art, Culture + Tourism to create a multi-site installation for PVDfest. In 2017, she wrapped up a yearlong Creative Fellowship at Providence Public Library and installed a series of murals along the waterfront and Armory neighborhoods of Pawtucket, RI for the city's annual arts festival.

In addition to her studio work, Keri is a dedicated educator and an active member of her arts community. Keri currently teaches integrated arts to students at the Wolf School, a K-8 private special education school located in East Providence, RI. She has also taught performing arts workshops on the subjects of vaudeville entertainment and the “Roaring Twenties” to students ages 8-14, through teaching artist programs such as I Was There at Vartan Gregorian Elementary School and Open Enrollment at Providence City Arts for Youth. Her professional service includes speaking engagements at Brown University and Bryant University; and work with the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston, the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, the Providence Children’s Film Festival, the RISD Museum, and the Edward Gorey House

Photo credit: Erin X. Smithers